Art Glass Award: A Timeless Expression of Excellence. When glass art create with the heart; build with the mind, it will speaks where words are unable to explain. Everything you can imagine is real.

For your business, employees are doing all the hard work months after months even years after years. After then, when a special achievement is made by your loyal and dedicated employees or team, their accomplishments should be recognized with the unique recognition item that leave a lasting impression. If you are using regular recognition awards for employee recognition then you have to stop now as this modern day, regular or inexpensive recognition awards item may not motivate them that much. On the other hand, when you introduce modern design awards for your business awards ceremony, your business may be benefited by them a lot. They produced many new customers and new business for your company. So, this time, why not spend extra little for them to buy some eye-catching and modern designed recognition awards for them? In past, if you recognized employees with sparkling crystal awards then you are doing excellent as corporate crystal awards are sleek, elegant and one of the most popular and the best recognition choice used by the many top brands and renowned vendors in the world. However, if you are planning to give recognition with bold, colorful and artistic recognition award items rather than colorless or transparent crystal items then you can go for hand blown art glass awards as these blown glass awards are the beautiful alternative to the popular crystal awards. Art glass awards are artistically inspired corporate recognition awards hand-crafted using glass blowing skills by highly skilled glass blowers. Blown glass awards are really impressive and unique recognition items every of your outstanding employees should deserve as a token of their highest achievements. It doesn’t matter, if your recipients are young or old, or whether they like vintage or modern objects, artistic glass awards are an excellent recognition piece, designed to fulfill all purpose and every of your recipients will absolutely fall in love with its magical designs and bright vibrant colors. When you use Italy, Murano style art glass trophy awards into your employee recognition or corporate event ceremony, it will stand out your brand and send companies message to every recipients, guests and audiences with style and sophistication. This will also shows the rest of the company that you value effort and hard work. It can have a positive impact and increase the team spirit among and increase employee motivation level. So, art glass trophies are affordable and are the popular way to go specially when you need a multi-colored awards for your employees and companies and these will be treasured for life.

Reward and Impress Employees with Breathtaking Art Glass Awards

Murano style art glass sculpture awards are the very popular are commonly used when recognizing employees for retirements, leaderships, years of service, and milestone achievements. When you reward special employees with an awe-inspiring art glass figurine awards, they will feel appreciated with this valuable recognition piece. In addition, these sturdy and beautiful works of glass art award will enhance their home or office ambiance for sure. So, if you are thinking of buying unique art glass awards or to thrill your employees with an engraved glass awards that are high end, colorful and artistic design then you will get your desired art glass trophies and awards at We are the best art glass awards supplier in USA. More than 48 years, we are manufacturing and supplying art glass trophy awards and supplying at competitive price. Our custom made art glass awards offers wide range of designs and shapes including: art glass vase awards, art glass drop awards, art glass sailboat awards, art glass fish awards, art glass whale awards, art glass owl award, art glass swirl award, art glass twist award, art glass shell award, art glass eye award and many other abstract art glass sculptures and figurines. These elegant look and feel art glass award trophies will make any occasion or recognition special, meaningful and successful. Let us engrave these art glass sculptures and figurines to give it a more personal touch for your upcoming corporate presentation event and it will help to show your gratitude to employees, colleagues or team in the most artistic way. When you reward employees with art glass awards, you are commending with the recognition piece that will last a lifetime.

From our modern art glass awards section, we handpicked

8 visually interesting Art Glass Awards Ideas

designed to honor special distinguished recipients and to make your corporate event celebration night colorful.

hand blown art glass awards
Art Glass Awards – Artistic Glass Awards – Murano Style Awards Sculpture Awards

1. Green Art glass Droplet Award

green teardrop art glass trophy award
Green Drop Art Glass Award
  • This green drop art award is very popular award item in our product line. It would be a brilliant idea to honor your top-notch recipients with this hand blown green drop art glass award.
  • Our green droplet shaped art glass award is the prefect recognition award specially when you are looking for rain drop, water drop, teardrop shaped or go green award.
  • This green droplet art glass award is skillfully crafted by our experienced glass artisans. Made out of high quality glass that features a green droplet shaped glass sculpture sits on blue crystal base.
  • The base offers enough engraving space which can be deep etched engraved by your company logo, recipient name, message and year. Engraving is completely free.
  • When you award your best employees with this brilliantly hand blown art glass droplet shaped award it creates a truly one-of-a-kind experience they’re likely to appreciate for years to come.
  • This green drop art glass trophy is currently available for sale in our Rush Awards section.
  • When you order this green art glass drop trophy award, you will get your engraved art glass drop shaped award in less than 48 hours along with a premium presentation box.
High Quality Blown Glass Awards : Art Glass Drop Awards

2. Eye Shaped Art Glass Trophy

eye shaped art glass trophy award
Art Glass Eye Sculpture Trophy Award
  • Searching for impressive, creative and unique glass awards to honor special individuals in your business? You can consider our eye art glass award and that is sure to turn heads of its recipients.
  • This large art glass eye shaped award is great for employee retirement, achievement and appreciation.
  • Whether it is employee recognition ceremony or corporate awards show, this eye art glass trophy award is perfect to hand out because they are attention-grabbing from the stage.
  • This art glass eye trophy award is fully hand blown. Hand crafted out by our Murano inspired glass designer. Features a multicolored art glass eye figurine mounted a top of an orange crystal stand and base.
  • Beautiful vivid color in this art glass eye shaped award provide striking beauty from a distance and angle. It graces the recipient’s presence, a constant reminder of their remarkable contributions. Beside this art glass eye sculpture award, we also have art glass eye figurine award in green color. However, this eye art glass figurine award is fully customizable and comes in many colors and sizes.
  • Buy this unique art glass eye shape award online and let us engrave and deliver your eye art glass sculpture award inside an attractive presentation box.
High Quality Hand Blown Glass Awards : Art Glass Eye Awards

3. Art Glass Conch Shell Award

art glass conch shell award
Art Glass Seashell Award
  • If you need to show your appreciation with a beach themed awards then choose our truly magnificent conch shell art glass award that will make your recipient WOW.
  • However, this art glass sea shell award would be an exceptional recognition piece great for all kinds of corporate award ceremony and recognition program.
  • This conch sea shell art glass award is crafted meticulously with excellent craftsmanship. Handcrafted out of colored glass that features a conch shell shaped art glass sculpture rests on a black crystal base for engraving.
  • After purchase, we will engrave this art glass conch shell sculpture by the choice of yours. We won’t charge you for engraving.
  • Each of your art glass beach shell award piece is a unique masterpiece. Their unique shaped design and burst of swirling, vibrant colors capturing the essence of creativity and innovation.
  • This conch shell shaped art glass award is very attractive. When your recipients put this art glass conch shell figurine award in their home of workplace it will enhance their room interior.
  • Each of your engraved art glass beach sea shell award will be individually boxed which is completely free.
High Quality Art Glass Sculpture Awards : Beach Themed Awards

4. Art Glass Sailing Boat Award

sailing art glass award
Art Glass Sailboat Award
  • Pick this striking art glass sailboat award to recognize your outstanding leaders who “sailing to success” in your company.
  • What a great way to say goodbye and to recognize a retiring colleague or welcome them to a new phase of their lives with this stunning voyage art glass award.
  • This art glass voyage award is an excellent recognition option when you want to add unique and colorful awards to your award program.
  • Our art glass sailing award is appropriate recognition award for ship captains, sailors, fishing competition, yacht racing event and regatta sailing competitions.
  • This art glass voyage award is elegantly crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The sail is made out of premium quality crystal glass combined with the read and colors which is placed on a boat shaped black crystal base.
  • When personalize your recipients will surely proud to receive it and love to keep it for years to come.
  • Each of these art glass sailboat trophy award will be individually packaged in a deluxe gift box, perfect for any presentation event.
High Quality Murano Style Glass Sculptures : Sailing Awards

5. Art Glass Teardrop Award

teardrop art glass award
Teardrop Art Glass Award
  • Teardrop art glass award is all time favorite. It is truly a unique glass award appropriate for any recognition occasion or corporate celebration event.
  • Hand blown art glass teardrop shaped award is ideal for employee recognition, retirement, appreciation, milestone achievement and more.
  • This artistic glass teardrop award combines blue and green accents with white swirls in clear glass make the award elegant and striking. It also give a rich feel and glows under the light brilliantly. The art glass teardrop sculpture attached with a black crystal base. Engrave the base with your company’s logo, recipient name, and text.
  • We offer wide range of teardrop shaped art glass awards with variety of designs and colors that will be cherished and displayed with pride.
  • Each of these art glass teardrop trophy award will be supplied in its own presentation ready gift box.
High Quality Art Glass Drop Sculpture Awards : Art Glass Droplet Awards

6. Art Glass Vase Award

teardrop vase art glass award
Teardrop Art Glass Vase Sculpture Award
  • Give recognition with this teardrop shaped art glass vase award and amaze its recipient with its WOW factor.
  • Teardrop vase art glass award is great for both recognition gift and award also great for company event or celebrate success.
  • This red vase art glass award will also add touch of elegance when use it as a centerpiece decoration in home or office.
  • Our red art glass vase award is a great example of excellent craftsmanship. Hand blown from high quality glass.
  • Let us personalize the base with your logo, recipient name and text to make this blown glass vase award a memorable gift or award.
  • Order this art glass red vase award from our Rush Order Awards section. After artwork approval, we will your personalize your glass vase award with same day delivery.
High Quality Art Glass Vase Sculptures : Vase Art Glass Awards

7. Art Glass Oil Drop Award

art glass oil drop award
Oil Drop Art Glass Award
  • This oil drop art glass award is specially designed for oil & gas companies. So, if you are in need of unique recognition awards for the employees in the oil and gas industry then you will surely love get this oil drop shaped art glass award for your next corporate award presentation event.
  • Hand made from genuine glass that features a clear crystal glass drop sculpture with red oil falling in line from top and oil stored at the bottom of the glass drop sculpture that creating a stunning visual effect.
  • The oil drop art glass sculpture award will comes with a black crystal base. Engrave the base with name, logo and year to create an award that is remembered forever.
  • Our hand blown art glass oil drop shape award is truly a work of art you can present to someone very special in your company.
  • Buy this oil drop shape art glass award today and get free engraving, free elegant gift box with quick shipping.
High Quality Oil Industry Awards : Oil & Gas Industry Awards

8. Red Art Glass Vase Sculpture Award

art glass vase sculpture award
Art Glass Vase Trophy
  • Bored of giving commonly used art glass awards again and again? Want to buy customized art glass awards which is really unique in designs and shapes? Hope you will like our custom glass vase sculpture award. A perfect example of modern design and unique expression that offers bright colors and delivers on excellence.
  • The bright red color of this vase glass sculpture award creates interesting effects under a spot light.
  • Our modern glass vase award is a wonderful employee recognition award option or fine gift award for your well respected employees, customers and vendors.
  • We produce this red vase glass sculpture from fine quality crystal and glass. Featuring a large and curved glass vase elevated perfectly on its optic crystal base for engraving.
  • Let our skilled engraver personalize this custom art glass red vase award deep etch engrave with your logo, receiver name and congratulatory text for free of cost.
  • This abstract glass vase piece will definitely surprise your recipients and they will proudly display them on a desk or in a home. However, anyone can use their blown glass vase trophy award as a flower vase or as a table centerpiece decoration to improve their home or office environment with modern touch.
High Quality Art Glass Vase Trophies : Art Glass Vases

More than a mere award or trophy, the hand blown art glass award is an enduring symbol of excellence. When you implementing the above unique art glass awards ideas, it will bring lots of excitement among your employees. These hand blown art glass trophies can also be used as gifts for special occasions, celebrations and events. In addition, these artistically inspired Italian Murano style glass sculptures can also works as an attractive decorative centerpiece when someone put it on shelf or table. So, if you need to make custom made art glass awards, glass art figurines and blown glass sculptures then we are the right art glass awards manufacturer and supplier that can deliver high-quality art glass awards at an affordable prices. Please give a Call at 813-948-6441 to discuss any custom glass award needs or visit our contact page to reach out and speak directly with our expert glass designer. We’re here to help you choose perfect art glass awards that you’ll love handout to your employees at your next corporate award presentation event. Please remember, each piece of art glass is individually hand blown, so the color, shape, and size will vary slightly. Swirls and bubbles are the part of the glass piece manufacturing which are considered normal and acceptable during this process. So, this time, spend little extra money, award employees with engraved art glass award that will ignites the spirit of excellence, fostering a legacy of achievement that will forever inspire generations to come.

In addition to our artistic glass awards collection you can also check out these

8 Awesome Corporate Crystal Awards Ideas

that will help to motivate and inspire employees and team to bring out next success for your company.

America’s Largest Art Glass Awards Supplier was founded in 1982 in Florida, USA. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of high end crystal awards in USA. In our overseas crystal award factory, our crystal artisans making hand-crafted crystal awards, crystal trophies, crystal plaques with the utmost precision and elegance, making them ideal for your upcoming corporate awards presentation event. We are supplying high quality crystal awards and trophies directly from our factory mainly in USA and all over the world. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we are offering a stunning collection of corporate crystal awards, crystal sports trophies, crystal recognition plaques that can be tailored to recognizing top performers and showing appreciation to employees. In addition to this, we are also making Murano style art glass awards, art glass trophies, blown glass sculptures and artistic glass figurines and these high-end glass award designs come from Murano inspired glass masters who use the best skills, technology and materials. Here at Crystal Recognition Awards, there are over 50 employees and workers involved with our award business and they are looking forward to serving customers for many years to come. At this moment, we have skilled crystal craftsmen, experienced engravers, creative graphic designers and friendly customer support team. Our commitment is to provide best quality trophy award pieces along with excellent customer service.

Discover our latest design hand blown art glass trophy awards by visiting our art glass awards section. You will find some of the unique art glass awards at reasonable price but more importantly that will nicely suit with your needs and budget. Furthermore, we also expanded our rush order awards range and increased inventory levels with popular art glass awards to meet the growing demands of the customers. However, we are also highly specialized in manufacturing custom made art glass awards. Whether you need rush awards for quick delivery or need to manufacture glass awards in bulk or large quantities, we have you covered. Visit our contact us page, email or call us directly for the custom crystal or glass awards pieces you are looking for. Our expert award designer will come up with the award items that will exactly match with your requirement. As an industry leading corporate awards supplier, we understand the importance of customization of trophies and awards. So, choose us for exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. Get best art glass awards at bulk prices that will beat other trophy suppliers for sure. Discover our stunning art glass awards to honor exceptional talent and with our unique art glass masterpieces elevate your employee recognition awards ceremony event special, colorful and meaningful.

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