Employee recognition acknowledges the accomplishments, special achievements and hard work of the individuals, teams and entire workforces within a company. This will create a very strong bond between employees and the organization so that everyone feels respected, valued and appreciated. Employee recognition is not the end goal; but rather a symbolic confirmation of your employee’s potential future success.

Engraved Crystal Plaques is the Best Recognition Option for Employee’s Accomplishments

Employee recognition is a magnificent and flexible tool that should be implemented by every company; but a very crucial part of your employee recognition program specially when it comes to recognize talent and hard work with an effective recognition item; but why? Because people want to feel appreciated for their job well done and a meaningful employee recognition element meets those needs. Being recognized by company bosses or HR managers with a thoughtful recognition element is very important and can be meaningful for employees or entire team and obviously it is the modern and proven way to increase employee engagement, boost morale, happiness and to show your team members that you see and appreciate their hard work. A significant employee recognition piece will help to do the job easier for you; but trust us, your employees can expect the best of the best as a token of their hard work or highest achievements. The best thing, is to be creative while selecting employee reward pieces and keep employee programs timely and frequently that tailored to the workplace and have a smart mix of individual and team rewards. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. But coming up with creative employee recognition ideas is a bit tough. You need to find out the right employee recognition ideas for those, loyal and deserving employees in your company. To create a successful corporate recognition program takes investment and the well-designed reward items help you to build strong corporate work culture and ensures that this investment will produce positive results for your business. Sounds good, right? Employee rewards are good. They go hand in hand with employee recognition. Recognize and reward employees with a personalized corporate crystal plaques is one of the best and most reliable ways. When you recognize someone with an engraved crystal plaques, it will carry a special meaning to all of them, it will also make them feel appreciated and will make your entire recognition program successful. Engraved Crystal Recognition Plaques can give your employees a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old they are.

Get High Quality Recognition Plaques from the Best Crystal Plaques Maker

CrystalRecognitionAwards.com is the industry leading corporate crystal plaques supplier in USA. We are manufacturing and supplying corporate plaques, employee recognition plaques, service plaques, appreciation plaques, retirement plaques, perpetual plaques, graduation plaques, commemorative plaques, and many more. All of our custom plaques are mainly produced from high quality optic crystal which are crafted and polished by hand with precision. We the USA’s renowned online supplier of crystal plaques and awards. Our crystal plaques section carries big selection of modern designed and unique crystal plaques which are comes in many unique shapes, colors and sizes. Our crystal plaque awards includes: crystal diamond plaques, crystal circle plaques, crystal arch plaques, crystal star plaques, crystal tower plaques, crystal wedge plaques, crystal pentagon plaques, crystal hexagon plaques, crystal octagon plaques, crystal heptagon plaques, crystal decagon plaques, crystal triangle plaques, crystal globe plaques, crystal shield plaques, sublimation crystal plaques, 3d crystal plaques, crystal flame plaques, crystal rectangle plaques, crystal book plaques, crystal dome plaques, crystal peak plaques, crystal house plaques, crystal iceberg plaques, crystal sports plaques and many more. These optical crystal award plaques designed to fit with your budgets and recognition events. However, if you want to make your own custom crystal plaques then Crystal Recognition Awards will be the right custom crystal plaques manufacturer for your company. Contact with one of our expert and let us create and supply creative crystal recognition plaques to recognize hard work or commemorate special accomplishments of your staffs and employees.

Whether you’re planning to reward employees or want to recognize companies, these

8 Creative Corporate Crystal Plaques Ideas

will help you hit the mark while recognize your employees.

crystal recognition plaques corporate crystal plaques and awards
Corporate Plaques – Custom Crystal Plaques – Employee Recognition Plaques

1. Blue Crystal Peak Plaque

blue crystal peak award plaque
Blue Crystal Peak Shaped Plaque Award
  • Pick this stunning blue crystal peak award plaque to recognize those outstanding employees who hike the tallest peaks to achieve their goals.
  • Our peak shaped crystal plaque is classy and stylish recognition award ideal of wide range of corporate awards ceremony or employee recognition events.
  • This crystal peak shaped plaque is fully handmade, made out of fine quality optic crystal that features a blue optical crystal peak shape plaque stands on a blue crystal base.
  • The base offers generous engraving space which can be deep etched engrave with your logo, recipient name, appreciation wordings and year. Engraving is completely free.
  • This peak shape crystal plaque award can be customized according to your need and can comes in wide range of colors.
  • Each of these blue peak crystal award plaque cones with an attractive presentation box.
High Quality Crystal Peak Shaped Plaques : Crystal Peak Awards

2. Crystal Sunflower Plaque

clear crystal sunflower plaque award
Gem-Cut Crystal Circle Plaque Award
  • Sunflower crystal plaque is another popular and beautiful recognition option great to honor special individuals in your company.
  • This nice and elegant optical crystal sunflower award plaque can be used as an individual award, as a team award, as a tournament award and many more.
  • Our sunflower crystal award is entirely hand-crafted, made out of flawless optic crystal. Featuring a multi-faceted crystal circle plaque sits on a clear crystal base.
  • This gem-cut round crystal sunflower circle award designed to reflect light and deliver your message with excellence and style. The diamond faceted edges on this beautiful round crystal circle plaque award will dazzle brilliantly.
  • Our optical crystal gem-cut sunflower plaque award offers ample room for engraving making this clear crystal round award a perfect fit for any corporate or recognition occasion.
  • Take advantage of our in-house engraving and add a personalized touch on this corporate crystal plaque in sunflower design.
  • You will receive this gem-cut round crystal plaque award inside a premium quality gift box.
High Quality Crystal Round Plaques : Crystal Circle Awards

3. Crystal Plaque in Number 1 Shape

clear crystal number one shaped plaque award
Number 1 Shaped Crystal Plaque
  • When you need to recognize the number one employees, you need to reward them with the best. Our number 1 crystal plaque is one-of-a-kind corporate award designed to suite with many of your occasions and events.
  • Reward your special employees or corporate vendor with this number 1 shaped crystal plaque and tell them “You are the Number 1” for your business.
  • This crystal number 1 shape plaque can be used to recognize top sales performer, number 1 supplier, number 1 wholesaler, number 1 manufacturer, and many more.
  • We produce this number 1 shaped crystal award plaque from flawless optic crystal, features a large clear crystal number 1 on the left hand edge. This crystal number 1 shape plaque award is modern, slim, elegant and rectangular in design and placed on a clear crystal base.
  • This crystal number 1 shaped plaque award offers two engraving area. The surface of the No. 1 crystal plaque and the base both can be deep etched engrave with your own choice.
  • We can customize this number 1 shape crystal plaque award in numbers and colors.
  • When you purchase this crystal number 1 award plaque, you will get your awards inside a gorgeous presentation box.
High Quality Crystal Number Shape Plaques : Crystal Number Awards

4. Crystal Pentagon Plaque

crystal pentagon plaque award
Pentagon Shaped Crystal Award Plaque
  • Show your appreciation with this classy look pentagon plaque and it will show how greatly you value your employees.
  • Use this pentagon shaped crystal plaque for employee recognition, employee appreciation, years of service or retirements.
  • This optical crystal pentagon shaped plaque is sleek and corporate. It is so thick, which adds a great weight and feel. It has the ability to catch the light and reflect color to enhance the beauty of its simple elegance.
  • Our pentagon crystal award plaque is completely handmade. Made out of genuine optic crystal. Featuring a solid, tick crystal piece hand-cut into the shape of a pentagon which rests on a black crystal base. This pentagon shape crystal plaque comes with a generous engraving area. Let us engrave this crystal pentagon award by your own engraving text and logo.
  • Order pentagon crystal award from our online crystal awards shop and get free engraving, free gift box, free setups with fast delivery.
High Quality Crystal Pentagon Shape Awards : Crystal Pentagon Awards

5. Rectangle Crystal Wedge Plaque

rectangle crystal wedge plaque award
Wedge Crystal Rectangle Plaque Award
  • Are you looking for an elegant way to recognize outstanding employees in your organization? Wedge crystal rectangle plaque is something special that you can use to honor them. This rectangular crystal wedge plaque makes a bold statement when recipients put it on their desk or shelf.
  • Our vertical crystal rectangle wedge plaque would be an excellent recognition choice nicely fit with any recipients or occasions?
  • This crystal rectangular wedge plaque is a stylish, contemporary design. Made from high grade optic crystal. Featuring a sleek and polished wedge shaped crystal rectangle plaque stands on a black crystal base.
  • Our rectangle crystal wedge shape plaque award can comes with or without base.
  • The wedge crystal rectangle award has ample engraving space that let us to put your long recognition wordings, recipient name, award title, logo and year.
  • All of your engraved crystal wedge plaque award comes beautifully packaged inside a deluxe presentation box.
High Quality Crystal Wedge Plaques : Wedge Crystal Awards

6. Crystal Hexagon Plaque

clear crystal hexagon plaque award
Clear Crystal Hexagon Shaped Plaque Award
  • Hexagon crystal plaque award is another worth-giving recognition award designed for every occasion, achievement and budget.
  • If you are searching for corporate crystal plaques with large engraving area than our hexagon shaped crystal plaque would be ideal recognition piece you can think about.
  • This simple yet elegant hexagon shaped crystal plaque constructed from superior quality optic crystal that features a clear crystal hexagon shape plaque attached with clear crystal base.
  • Let us engrave the hexagon crystal award for free with your long congratulatory message, recipient name, logo and year.
  • This optical crystal hexagon award is fully customizable and comes in three different sizes and colors to match with your brand.
  • Each of your engraved crystal hexagon shape award plaque will be wrapped beautifully and supplied in its own presentation ready gift box.
High Quality Crystal Hexagon Plaques : Crystal Hexagon Awards

7. Color Printed Crystal Plaque

full color printed crystal plaque award
Full Color Coated Sublimation Crystal Plaque
  • Sublimation crystal plaque is a beautiful recognition option specially when you want to showcase your message of appreciation with a colored graphic or artwork. Clear optical crystal makes your photo, graphic or design really stand out.
  • When your recipients receive this full color coated sublimation crystal award plaque they’ll be proud to display and it will make a great accessory for their desk or home.
  • This square crystal sublimation plaque made out of pure optic crystal that features a sublimation printed square crystal plaque stands on a clear round crystal base.
  • Let us personalize this full color printed sublimation photo crystal plaque with your favorite photo, artwork, company’s logo or event details. It’s coated on the back side for sublimation printing.
  • We are supplying extensive range of high quality blank crystals for sublimation printing.
  • If you want to create custom sublimation crystal photo frame award then you can contact with us.
  • Buy this square crystal sublimation award from our online crystal award store and get free engraving, free presentation box and quick shipping.
High Quality Crystal Sublimation Plaques : Full Color Printed Crystal Awards

8. Freestanding Crystal Round Plaque

freestanding blue crystal circle plaque award
Clear & Blue Crystal Round Shape Plaque Award
  • Freestanding round crystal circle plaque award is the ideal recognition choice excellent for all corporate presentations and events.
  • This standalone blue circle crystal plaque award have been one of our most popular corporate crystal awards over the years. Use this blue crystal circle award to recognize your high achievers in a memorable way. This will SURE to thrill your recipient!
  • Our clear & blue crystal circular plaque award is ideal for recognition awards, appreciation awards, retirement awards, achievement awards, teamwork awards, service awards, milestone anniversary awards, leadership awards and many more.
  • This blue crystal round shaped plaque award is entirely hand crafted out of perfectly clear optical crystal that features a round shaped crystal plaque award is made with the beautiful combination of clear and blue crystal. The bottom of this blue circular crystal plaque award is flat cut that ensures the thick crystal circle award stand securely on any desk.
  • Our blue crystal circle award plaque can comes in many colors and available in three sizes.
  • Blue Crystal circular award is self-standing with a broad face for personalization. Let us personalize this round circle crystal award plaque with your engraving text and logo.
  • All of your freestanding crystal circle award will be individually boxed and supplied with a branded presentation gift box.
High Quality Crystal Round Plaques : Self-standing Crystal Awards

The above corporate crystal plaque ideas we cover here are one of the bestselling crystal awards item in our product line. Beside these crystal glass plaques, we have hundreds of elegant designed crystal corporate plaque awards available in wide range of themes and shapes. We are one the best crystal plaques manufactures in USA with decades of experience. We can supply highest quality custom crystal glass plaques in any designs and in any quantities at fastest time-frame. Contact with us and get the best quality employee recognition plaques at best piece from the best crystal plaques maker in USA.

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Corporate Crystal Plaques Manufacturer and Crystal Recognition Plaques Supplier

CrystalRecognitionAwards.com is the America’s best manufacturer of crystal plaques. Since 1982, we are manufacturing and supplying corporate crystal plaque awards at factory direct price. In our own overseas factory, we are making employee plaques from genuine optic crystal and we are doing in house engraving. Currently, we are sourcing these engraved crystal plaques mainly in USA and all over the world. In our crystal studio, we are manufacturing crystal plaques in bulk and supplying high end crystal plaques at wholesale price. We can produce any large quantities of custom plaque awards at fastest turnaround. Crystal Recognition Awards is the big name in corporate awards industry. We are the trusted wholesale supplier of crystal awards, crystal trophies, art glass awards and corporate crystal gift. If you need to manufacture custom crystal awards and plaques then we are the number 1 crystal awards supplier in USA you can trust. We are the family owned crystal awards business and the 5 star ratings corporate crystal awards supplier. Our crystal awards factory made up with experienced crystal craftsmen, skilled engraving team, professional graphic designers and friendly customer support team. You will get high quality service from the very beginning to end. Beside manufacturing crystal awards in bulk, we will also accept order in small quantity that meet with our MOQ. We do offer very flexible MOQ and big discount on bulk order.

CrystalRecognitionAwards.com is USA’s online retailer of crystal awards and trophies. Our crystal awards product line contains impressive selection of crystal awards, plaques and trophies which are fully hand-crafted, modern designed and elegant styles while staying within your budgets. These crystal trophy awards and plaques will nicely suite with many of your corporate awards ceremony and recognition events. However, if you are still looking for customized crystal awards then we are the right crystal awards manufacturer with 50 years of proven experience in manufacturing custom awards and trophies in optic crystal. Are you late, don’t have enough time in your hand but need to get awards fast? Don’t worry, we are the rush awards supplier in USA. Order your desired awards from our rush crystal awards page and you will get your personalized crystal awards in next day. Really fast, right? So, if you are searching for custom crystal plaques manufacturer and want to order crystal plaques in bulk then you are in right place. Contact us with our expert crystal plaques designer directly, let us supply employee recognition plaque awards that your employees can be proud of.

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